John is Managing Director of Franklin-Hackett Ltd – a UK boutique consultancy.

He has over 10 years experience in management roles within the Public Sector delivering change in processes and people. As well as managing two frontline Contact Centres, he has worked as a business analyst, run key corporate projects and delivered radical redesigns of business areas.

He now helps businesses to improve the way they design and manage their processes, he develops the way business people think and behave through behavioural training and shares his learning as an entertaining and challenging public speaker.

John’s experience and research means that he understands the key issues that affect businesses across all sectors. His insight is that virtually all business problems can be traced back to our personal thinking habits, which has a profound effect on the way we make decisions and how we behave. By helping people to change the way they think, he is able to give them the tools required to release their true business potential.

John has also accumulated an interesting portfolio of experience:

– Local Round Table Chairman
– Resident’s Association Chairman
– Community Charity Board Member
– Musician having released 3 albums of music under the name “J.G. Hackett”
– Entrepreneurship mentor for Staffordshire University

He enjoys cars, food and drink, philosophy, music, architecture and family.


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